Kilmainham Jail

Meet the prisoner of Kilmainham Jail whose sentence has no end, and listen to his accounts of the various ghosts that are said to haunt the place.

- Hear the story of the women from the East Block who while praying for some hunger strikers were visited by a ghostly form.

- Listen to the accounts of the strange occurances witnessed by the restoration society who have been working within the jail for past thirty years

- And decide for yourself whether the strange sensation that overcame a visiting author was just his imagination... or if it was something else.

Kilmainham Jail was the place where many - most of them found guilty at Dublin Castle - spent the last of their days, awaiting execution.

Listen out for strange noises, footsteps going up empty stairwells, and odd sights, such as the shadowy figure that has been sighted around the cells at midnight. Just be sure to keep an eye on the exit, as there's many an empty cell looking for fresh prisoners.