Ghost Tour Dublin

Choose your Gravedigger Experience

The Gravedigger Classic Bus Tour (Plague)

The stories begin with Trinity College where we transport you back some 600 years ago to when the old Augustinian Priory and of course the plague house were there. The latter of which the guide is all too familiar with...But just ignore the coughing and listen to his tales! Many believed that this was the end of days, but the history of Dublin and its horrors continued...

The Gravedigger Ghost Ship Bus Tour (Famine)

A fantastic mixture of fun, yet terrifying feeling accompanied by adventure as we drift through Dublins (supposedly) fair city and the much ghostly history including 'An Gorta Mor' (the great famine). The bus has been custom built to give you an eerie feel of what a 'coffin ship' back then would have looked like as you come on board with great hopes to travel in search of new land and survival. A dark and interactive haunting...

A choice of two very different custom built buses, tours and routes!